Welcome to Your Story Matters

May 17, 2009

What are your eyes fixed on now?
Awareness of the focus
Will help you make wise choices
Look to the future
We know the past well
It is where we reason from
The past dictates the future
We must think clearly
Or repeat the past again
That truth is hidden from us
There are many quick life turns
And sudden changes around
One of my biggest questions
“What can I count on?”

5 Responses to “Welcome to Your Story Matters”

  1. mom said

    I love this title and the haikus that go with it. Sara Smith Ross help develop this blog for her dad. He is thankful for her creative thinking and action.

  2. AA said

    I like your blog! I think you expressed what so many are feeling. I am glad I do have some One to count on that is bigger than anything here we face!

  3. Rusty said

    I love reading your thoughts in this clean format with lots of white space and a clean font. it is like placing a frame around a wonderful painting. many thanks to Sara for posting your thoughts. They ALWAYS challenge and encourage me. Your brother, Rusty

  4. William Allen said

    Did I do my best was a question asked after the emotions of anger,and denial wore off. There would always be with me grief, and sorrow of the death of David. The Challenge has been to forgive myself, and to stop looking outside of myself for relief.

    In 2001 I became a caregiver for two young men with developmental disabilities. For as long as I can remember the assignment given to me to care for others was willingly accepted; from caring for my cousins while I lived with my Uncle and his wife during high school;from observising abused adolescents as part of my senior observation in college, to working in area nursing homes. I have extended love,care, and concern for humanity.

    The death of David is a pain that I have to endure until the day that I die. Not the emotional pain of homelessness once experienced, loss of employment,and not able to reach goals compare. Especially if you have tried to physically breath life back into someone you cared for.

    Comfort was to come by the way of forgiveness from his Mother. One Christmas after Davids death she gave me a jounal by Oswald Chambers titled,”My Utmost for his Highest.” For some people they would want justice. For them I say every day I live, this is justice. I am often reminded of that accident. It is comforting to read the daily scriptures, and make them applicable to life experiences. As paul had to remind the Corinthian church, it is God who comforteth us in all of our tribulations, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble… it is only by Gods grace that I am able to live. If I had my way this would not be so, I would choose death.

    The sorrow in my heart is only a reminder of how fragile life is. So, I daily give praise to God, not for the accident, but because he chose me to experience his power.
    This is far more rewarding than material wealth, because his spiritual power cannot be taken from me by people(Ecclesiates 8V8).

    So, if you happen to see me some days, I may be downcast in spirit,but not often. If you happen to see me with a smile on my face it is only because I have personally experienced a miracle from God.

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