each person’s story

May 18, 2009

Each person’s story 
Is amazing and unique
I’m trained to listen
A deep abiding grieving
That is happening in me
When I see the pain
The invisible calls me
I have no language to speak
Living in desperation
I found love waiting
The isolation 
I see people living in
Cut off and alone
Touches my heartfelt longing
For them to be touched by love

2 Responses to “each person’s story”

  1. shannon45 said

    in 1/94 i fell homeless. since that time i have lived in almost 100% solitary confinement. it is not unusual for me to have only 3 or 4 normal enjoyable face to face conversations a years. the last time i had a whole day of fun was about a decade ago. i live in round the clock fear as there is an unknown person breaking into my home (section8) authorities don’t believe me, so my life is in danger and i have no advocates. i’m seriously disabled. i cry around the clock and death looks like sweet escape

  2. shannon45

    There is a promise for you. Psalm 91-95; John 15. Check out Your Story Matters
    http://www.yourstorymatters2him.wordpress.com for November 19, 2010. A message for you!

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