a heartbeat

May 19, 2009

There is a heartbeat
That quietly speaks to me
Of a higher love
I have rhythm in my soul
A song to sing in the night
I discovered in darkness
That’s led me to joy
My circumstances were bleak
Relationship emptiness
People I love took their life
Where was I to go
As a child alone
There were no words to utter
The sounds of my soul
As I hear others groaning
I know I cannot save them
Or respond to all I hear
I can say there’s hope
I know relationships die
It’s happening all the time
The children are suffering
God help the children
If you are wise you will think
You’ll look for information
And not assume you have it
That is arrogant
Wisdom is what I’m seeking
Knowledge applied at right times
Looking at all the angles
Of situations

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