May 20, 2009

To get wisdom is to love
Oneself and others near you
Insight and timing will work
When we learn to hear
Understanding is the key
And unlocks the way to love
Good information given
With safety and time
Lies must be exposed
It’s the only way to health
Peace is the result 
Arise and search well
For understanding of things
And you will find life
There are many barriers 
Your perceptions are the first
It will bring the resistance
To reality 
Choose advisors well
Ones who are living freely
Whose life and words speak
Who will provide you safety
An invitation to speak
Into my life is given
To those who’ve demonstrated
A love without end
I have no expectations 
For anyone to fix me
But I do expect to find
What makes sense in life
This is what I’ve found 
A way to look with great care
At my real issues

3 Responses to “wisdom”

  1. ggw_bach said

    a beautiful truth here. Wisdom … the whole point of existence.

  2. Kyle Balduf said

    Wow! This very thought was actually lived out vividly in my life today through a conversation with Doug Berny. He is a wonderful advisor and challenged me with some tough thoughts. He certainly challenged my perception.

  3. Thanks for your response. This is my first run at blogging. I have written 3500 if these since August 1, 2008. Life is rich when lived seeking wisdom and insight. Best wisdom to you in Australia from Nashville, Tennessee.

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