May 22, 2009

I determined I would find
A different way to live
Than the way given to me
A passion for life
To be diligent to seek
What is true, noble, and right
To search fresh springs of life
A longing to be fulfilled
I’ll never arrive
But it’s a secret journey
Of my inner soul
Where at the center peace calls
And love pursues in silence
The noise is so great
The fears have deep roots screaming
With the adrenalin rush
How to calm the storm within
It will take your best thinking
Do I fight or run away
I felt panic in my soul
Depression knocked at my door
Who would come and help
I have asked for help
Looking around I have found
Resources of love
This will take courage
To seek what is good and right
To persevere and control
The dark voices in my soul
To choose life and healing grace
There are thoughts in me that lie
It’ll take wisdom to detect
To cut through the false feelings
Expose assumptions

One Response to “Determined”

  1. Don said

    Our thoughts are very similar, you have found ways to express yours much better than I can. Thank you for giving voice to the thoughts of my heart.

    Ever on the journey but never alone.

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