May 25, 2009

What do you do when 
Trust is broken among us
I have found a way
Healing of a good friendship
Will take time and your best thought
We are all in a hurry
Slow down and be wise
The breaking of promises
Is one of the first killers
It is like breaking a leg
You no longer run
How do you choose your close friends
That has been my big question
I know who the first friend is
I will befriend me
I found a criteria
That works for me over time
My greatest gift is the friends
Who have come to me
Yes, I have learned a secret
An experience of life 
One I am happy to share
With those listening
My first friend is me
This is hardest of all
For I have failed me
Yes, forgiving me
Then forgiving the others
Which of these comes first
You decide which one is first
But I must begin with me
The other has broken trust
I have no control
I concentrate on healing
Relief is not the answer
I seek good counsel
Anger can blind you
Of appropriate options
Your fears will paralyze you
Hide the healing touch
Please consider being still 
And find a very safe place (And find the wisdom of love)
There’s nothing wrong with anger
It represents the deep hurt
Get it out in a safe place
Then look at options
Although the path is simple
A profound truth you must see
You must understand one thing
Your personal worth
So search out your friends
Be honest and transparent
Forgive yourself and others
I begin with that
Accept that you are human
And those around your are, too
My mother failed me
She was nineteen when I came
I had an older brother
Father, twenty-one
Listen to your story well
You will find important clues
My sister was born
Before mom was twenty-one
Mom’s life was broken
Everyone has a story
There are secrets in each one
Some are good and some are bad
I found the good ones
The bad ones are real
Secrets that need to be told
It gave me understanding
Seen without judgment
I will lead with compassion
For myself and the others
To make space everyday
To be aware of my world
To be kind and respectful
And choose what makes sense
I found friends who live in joy
Yes, they have been hard to find
When I decided to search
I found friends looking
My teachers are good
I have chosen them with care
They lead with their life
I have asked them my questions
And they have given respect
Life is a process
A tree starts as an acorn
Planted in good soil
Watered well and good sunshine
Then a mighty oak is grown
The same is true for persons
With plenty of time and love
A heart searching for the truth
Honesty guiding (With authentic talk)
The best person in my life
I have known for forty-six years
I’ve failed her more than others
Her love is secure
She is one of those dear friends
Who’ll never leave or forsake
One I have always trusted
Who has room to fail
In early morning light dawns
Help me be gracious and kind
Compassionate and giving
To all that I meet
written May 23, 2009

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