May 26, 2009

written on Memorial Day
I want the humor
Of Bill Wooten to help me
Discover the light
I watched Bill Wooten face death
With courage and dignity
I stood there powerlessly
In a sacred space
Do not be afraid
There is a hope to be known
Looking you will find
Today I will remember
Those who have fallen so young
Because of the bad decisions
Of Adolf Hitler
Normandy and Omaha
On those beaches lay the dead
Of young men who were heroes
Who died for freedom
Each person has a story
That is known by very few
Each would say “ordinary”
If they only knew
Each life is special
The one thing I have learned
Help me see each one
Words are important
They can bring life or bring death
Spoken from the heart
It helps me to write
The things that are on my mind
My grandchildren will read them
Maybe get a glimpse
Of how much I love them
Of ways that will set them free
When I was young I sought peace
Now I am much older
Some say I am elderly
I don’t think I am 
Inside there is a little boy
Full of wonder and great joy
Living in discovery
At age sixty-six
I grew up in the trouble
But I have found a teaching
That’s been tested in the streets
Triumph is in reach
I will have to wait
For those I’d love to ask me
How I found my way
In quiet I can listen
Think through the things I can do
And what I can’t do
It’s been a good day
I have vacuumed the house rugs
And taken a nap
Been refreshed at Starbucks
Where I am writing this now
I owe a great debt
To those who’ve given me words
Another man I thought of
He was ninety-four years old
I sat listening to him
E.H. Ijams his name
I could see light in his eyes
His sense of humor was strong
He spoke to me words of wisdom
I’ll never forget
Some of my mentors
Battle worn and full of joy
Heroes in my world
May 25, 2009
To hear a story from Bill Wooten, click here
scroll down until you see “Bill Wooten’s Story”
(underneath “Special announcements and Presentations”)

3 Responses to “remember”

  1. Susan Wooten said

    My friend Terry, thank you for the kind words about Bill. He will always be my rock. He was strong, even in his weakest days.

  2. Sara Ross said

    Your words about Bill Wooten touched my heart.
    He continues to leave a legacy. I listen to his story again. It is powerful and moving.

  3. Bett said

    Hello Terry and Charlotte,

    I have been trying to track you down for a while. I would love to get in touch with you. You and Landon Saunders and the Lord changed my life greatly in 1979.
    I am currently living in West Lafayette IN.

    Much love Betty A. Lanoie

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