refreshes you

May 27, 2009


A friend hears your soul

Your grief and deepest longings

It refreshes you


These are the friends that I need

They always greet you with joy

They remind you of their love

They know my dark side


There is a strange paradox

One that I cannot explain

It’s a mystery of love

Modeled in a friend


Words are a doorway

To the mystery of soul

When spoken in their context

Understanding comes

Knowledge will become a bridge

I will take time to listen


A bridge over confusion

Higher than criticism

It’s big enough to carry

Providing safety


Rest is what I need

I’ve been searching for that place

Now I have found it


I can pass it on

To others when I listen

Not quick to give my answers

Understand their words

Silent but fully present

Giving them honor and love


I will wait for them to ask

If they want to hear a way

That I found through listening

In silence I hear


In silence I am aware

Of the air I am breathing

I then become so thankful

When I take a breath


I begin with thanksgiving

For the simple things of life

My eyes, my ears, my feelings

Wake me up to life


My mind then asks questions

That come to me at the time

Then I follow those questions

Process them with friends


There is one question

It is one I have pondered

What to do with death


When you are ready to look

Search with all your senses

Give yourself plenty of time

Truth will set you free


There are different 

Kinds of death to examine

One is physical

Another is relational

Relationships are hardest


It’s easy to die

It is much harder to live

I will be in discussion

On how to live well

In relationship with friends

And also my enemy


I am not afraid

I have learned that I can think

And process this life journey

Others have done it

So there’s no reason I can’t~

I will not die, I will live

And share the things I have learned

To those who want to listen

I will wait in peace


The doorway to rest

I have learned to be thankful

For the little things


One little thing that I heard

Was said to me by a friend

His words I’ll never forget

“Do not be afraid”


Friends were gifts in my despair

In the darkness of my soul

They came loving me gently

Giving me real hope


written May 24, 2009


One Response to “refreshes you”

  1. Carol Smith Woods said

    beautiful, comes straight from you heart, thanks for sharing. love you

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