a garden

June 13, 2009

My heart is the place
Where I work each morning
I plow, plant and sow
The seeds are chosen with care
I visualize the fruit
“Loneliness is a desert
Solitude is a garden”*
The mind must be cared for well
I now have a choice
My soul is quiet
In the stillness I listen
Waiting patiently
© Terry S. Smith
written February 10, 2009
* Henri Nouwen

2 Responses to “a garden”

  1. Terry, thank you for this whole blog… there’s no telling what “seeds” will be planted and watered by your time-tested and proven verses. Like this one, we’ll each get our unique messages from the One who gave you this wisdom. For me… I’m pondering the difference (and there is one) between loneliness and solitude. In the first, I pull in, in the second, I expand fearlessly and more wisely.

    Thank you again… I look forward to all of your work!

    • yourstorymatters2him said

      Good words on the difference between the two. I am still singing. Thank you for all your help and for your encouragement.

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