My Father’s Deep Love

June 21, 2009


It is Father’s day

I know my Father’s deep love

He gave all he had


I want to know the meaning

That he had when he began

What did he want life to be

For you and for me


He began with a vision

I will search this believing

What he had in mind was good

And I can find it


I know the place to begin

I  believe I am worth it

I must care enough for me

Look for a higher love


I found in me a darkness

That frankly has frightened me

I know I am capable

Of giving great pain


I have found I need help

From something larger than me

I know I am powerless

To overcome me


I began at the bottom

To discover I need help

To love myself and others

Mercy I received


I know that you forgive me

Because that is who you are

You are the one thing in my life

That will never shift


I praise you that I can read

I praise you that I can breath

I praise you that I can see

And hear your kind call


My mind is quickened 

My heart turns to see clearly

My imagination smiles

I’m open to love

Love is running to meet me

I surrender my being


I am in awe at what I see

When I practice gratitude

All day long I am aware

Of what’s really true


I pause to listen

In the early morning time

With expectation


I begin with taking in

Thoughts from the one who made me

Tasting the joy of great love


June 21, 2009


2 Responses to “My Father’s Deep Love”

  1. Savitha said

    I am moved with reading this poem…Thank you so much for summing up all He brought into our lives….Thank you…

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