What I treasure the most is
A relationship of love
The kind a mother has for
A child of her womb
Sometimes mothers are broken
They can’t give their deepest love
They had children much too soon
My mother was one
My parents did not know how
To withstand their failing love
Their children suffered great loss
Everyone has a story
Each person needs to be heard
What matters is love
The message is forgiveness
The work we have is: believe
We are breaking from within
Love gently pursues
I look for answers
To comfort my internal
Brokenness and pain
The trouble in my journey
Did not start with my choices
My parents handed my theirs
Now I make my choice
I have four children
Who know what my choice has been
One thing they know for sure
Is that I love them
That will never be changed
They have memories that help
I’ve found a deep joy
That is larger than I am
Love’s healing power changed me
Love I wish for all
At one time I hoped for it
Now I celebrate and thank
It is a hidden love
That wants to be found by all
Love searching for you
written October 7, 2008


June 2, 2009


Don’t be surprised

When the trouble comes your way

Everyone will get their turn

That you can count on


 It is just the way life is

 The question that must be asked

 Will I be ready


 The circumstances

 Will rob you of all your joy

 If you will let it


There’s a difference

 Between mind and the spirit

 When the mind rules things

 We only see half

 When mind and spirit combine

One has the power to see


I’ve had addictions

That have captured my mind here

Only by the Spirit’s love

Have I been able To overcome the deep hurt

Find power to love


There’s a process

Important to understand

In birthing real love


There’s transformation

 That takes place in the human

 When you engage the Spirit

 As well as the mind

 Adding determination

 To know what’s really the truth


 I want to know what it means

 To trust God with all my heart

 To surrender all of me

 Head, heart and the mind


~ My prayer today!

 Make me bold and stout hearted

Focused and fully present

With compassion and firmness

Led by your Spirit

(based on The Psalmist 138:3)

written May 28, 200