path of hope

July 3, 2009

I see pain and rejection
I see fear and loneliness
Is there anyone hearing
These were my thoughts

I couldn’t trust the “many”
The voices who claim to know
The answers to my trouble
I began to search

Believing I could find out
Which direction I could take
To keep from repeating
What was given me
I decided honesty
With myself and those with me
Is the only way to find
A path I could trust

There’s something about
Just making a decision
Not to repeat history
This decision worked
Set me on a path of hope
Believing that I could think

It makes life interesting
When you find the fire in you
That is larger than your pain
Looking for what is real
written June 15, 2008

4 Responses to “path of hope”

  1. I am amazed that your words here are like a reflection of my own inner conflict at a difficult time in my past.

  2. savitha said

    Uncle, your lines “It makes life interesting when you find the fire in you” is very true, but, I am struggling hard to find the fire….

    • yourstorymatters2him said

      Training is the key. Read the Teacher’s thoughts and teaching in what is known as the Sermon on the Mount. Listen for the teaching in that message that you need to practice. It is the essence of the mind of Christ. For 48 years I have sought to practice those teaching and in doing so the joy found me. God’s love for you is larger than your feelings. When you do not feel the fire keep seeking and He will expose the block in your thinking and take you to a deeper joy. He promised. The struggle is like that of the butterfly before it flys. It is part of the journey. Blessings.

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