Internal Freedom

July 4, 2009


Liberty has come

Our country celebrates

Our freedom today


Finding this freedom

We think that it’s external

Let’s give it some thought


It’s more important

What I do in private space

Than in the public


I train to listen

To the inner voice of hope

Not trusting feelings


Feelings come and go

Controlled by circumstances

My life is bigger


Awareness and space

Are secret keys to my life

Gifts I give to me


When I do not choose

And act without thinking

I find I suffer

And those around me, also

Suffer in ways that are sad


Our forefathers suffered here

Inwardly they sought freedom

They searched their soul for answers

That rose from within


They followed their dream

We stand today in freedom

Because they had the courage 

To give up their lives


written July 4, 2009



2 Responses to “Internal Freedom”

  1. Jacob Wiser said

    This is pretty fantastic.
    Clearly the best poetry is that of the brand that teaches others.
    The way that you show how feelings are not of large consequence is outstanding.
    Everyone assigns so much value to emotions when they’re only chemical reactions inside one’s body.
    “Gifts I give to me” is very powerful.
    Everybody should give little mental gifts to themselves.
    I do, and they work wonderfully.

    • yourstorymatters2him said

      Thanks Jacob. You are a young man with more awareness of the world around you than most people. I love your honesty and your kindness.

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