seek wisdom

July 9, 2009


Educate yourself

Your responsibility

To use your mind well

You can be real smart

And ignorant at the same time

Information helps 


True information, that is

Every human can see

Given safety and good time

You’ll figure life out


There will come a time

In the life of all of us

You will know if you got it

Looking back you’ll see

The decisions that you made

Were right for you or wrong


So I hope you’ll look ahead

Seek wisdom with all your heart

Make insight your greatest goal

Read ancient Proverbs

Today I will celebrate

Sixty-seven years of life

I am still learning a lot

Surprised by the joy


written July 9, 2009 


2 Responses to “seek wisdom”

  1. jay burkett said

    Happy Birthday! My good friend. Jay

  2. Savitha said

    Happy Birthday,Uncle…

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