voice of the children

August 6, 2009


Is anyone listening

To the voice of the children

They are broken tossed about

Searching for real hope


As a child I was confused

My parents I dearly loved

Failed at loving each other

Four children were lost


The child had no words

No one knew how to listen

The unconscious self arose

And helped me survive


The skills that I learned

And the love I did receive

Helped me find my way


There is wisdom in a child

They will respond to loving

When it’s real and authentic

My child remembers


Never under estimate

The wisdom that was given

Every child is amazing

Unique and beloved


I will fire that spark

Look deeply into the eyes

Ignite with a smile


I’ll learn to receive

When I look at a person

I will see the child


As a child I was drowning

The deep waters covered me

The neighbors rescued my life

I was their delight


A spacious place was given

They reached down and embraced me

And cared for me as their own

I remember well 

written August 6, 2009

One Response to “voice of the children”

  1. Dearest Dad,
    Thank you for providing a spacious place for your children.

    I love you always.
    “A Spacious Place”

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