celebrating 44 years of marriage

August 18, 2009

Charlotte and Terry

Charlotte and Terry


I remember when I saw her
Briskly walking approaching
With an energy and joy
Her greeting was electric
My soul leapt surprised by joy
I wanted to know her name
They called her “Charlotte”
It was a rainy evening
I was walking behind her
I gave up my umbrella
I asked her for cover
She was kind and receiving
I bought her an ice cream cone
Then walked her back to the dorm
Graciously said “Bye”
The thing that impressed me most
She was kind to everyone
I was looking for someone
Who reflected love
I wanted to be her friend
Friendship does not make demands
Nor does it try to possess
It gives with no strings attached
We would laugh a lot
Our hearts felt lighter and free
We both had the same focus
A love larger than us
written October 18, 2008
for my beautiful wife

3 Responses to “celebrating 44 years of marriage”

  1. Happy Anniversary!

    Your marriage has been like a “spring of water” in my life. Thank you for your love and faithfulness to each other and our family.

  2. Trina said

    Happy Anniversary!

    Thanks for sharing your special moment. You both have been a wonderful support first to me and now my family also. You are a model of Christian love and hospitality.

  3. Debbie Presson said

    Happy Anniversary, you both are such a good example of what God wants a marriage to be. I thank you and Charlotte for what you are to me! Larry said to send his love too. God Bless 44 more years!

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