creating a marriage that lasts

August 22, 2009


One of the places

There seems to be confusion

Making marriage last 


Forty-four years of marriage

With someone opposite me

Has been a problem to solve

How can she like me


She said, “I do not like you”

I said, “I do not like you back”

Now we have a problem

So what do we do


We have four children

Responsibilities here

Children we love and care for

Will the past dictate


My parents divorced

They could not figure it out

The children suffered greatly

So what do I do

I decided to face me

To see my problem not hers


I wanted us to be friends

The way it all started out

In seeking I understand

Barriers in me



I must deal with my issues

Seek understanding of me

Study personality

I needed insight


So the first place to begin

You must decide who you are

The person you want to be

Then state it clearly


Solitude is hard

It is part of the journey

Beginning with me


written August 22, 2009


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