a quiet miracle

August 27, 2009

I’m a quiet miracle
Not better than anyone
An ordinary person
Who knows he is loved
That’s the miracle
I want to share with others
I know the worth of a person
I see that your eyes sparkle
When you feel that you are seen
When you know you have been heard
Touch the spark of joy
Here lies the deception
Performing to please others
Will wear yourself out
You can never achieve it
It leads only to “burn out”
Surprised by joy
I rose from desperation
Discovered new horizons
© Terry S. Smith
written August 27, 2009

One Response to “a quiet miracle”

  1. Amen to that brother,
    Wish I could have heard that voice as clearly and as soon as you did. Although, I can certainly relate to the quiet miracles that have awakened my mind to the realization that I am loved by God. And I thank you for the beautiful reminders in your Barnabas filled words.

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