light breaks through darkness

August 31, 2009


There were feelings of no hope

I sank in despair

In silence I ceased striving

Be quiet, be still; love comes


Real truth is experienced

It cuts through to all levels

The mind, heart and soul reflected

Light breaks through darkness


There is a secret

Where a person does begin

The first step is just simply

Be responsible

For how you think and act

You will find the right questions


I have learned life is not fair

I have no control of you

I will decide who I’ll be

I choose to be kind


© Terry Smith

written August 31, 2009


2 Responses to “light breaks through darkness”

  1. Terry, I think that writing our thoughts down is like making a commitment to honesty. Writing is the beginning point of coming to terms with ourselves. But the real benefit is putting our writing aside and then going back to it months and even years later. Sometimes I wonder who that person was who wrote those words, even if I was the author. I marvel and ask, who was that person back then? Was it really me?

    Today at lunch you told me the story of your sister. You were proud of her and I could see it in your eyes. You saw the truth in her intentions that most people would want to hide. God knows all the facts and I’m sure he grieves for us when we try to hide the truth from others and ourselves. It is a sin to lie to others, but a tragedy to lie to ourselves. Thank you for your work…

  2. Thank you, John, for your encouragement. I have looked back and wondered who wrote that and my daughter said it was you, dad. Good words from honest seeking people have been powerful in my life. The story of your father was inspiring to me and how he trained you to give to others.

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