October 13, 2009


Loving is daily

An interaction of caring

A gentle kind touch


It is in the voice

The tone will resonate care

It comes from the heart


The heart can be seen

It will reflect what is real

Over time you will know it


Actions speak loudest

They will always tell the truth

They reveal broken places


Mercy can mend it

With two hearts that are seeking

To know what is true


© Terry S. Smith

written October 13, 2009



One Response to “Mercy”

  1. Pam Murphy said

    I am so blessed to finally make the connection to your website. Charolotte showed it to me at your house, but somehow I didn’t get the web address or maybe I lost it. My life has become a blurr lately–so many changes. It’s good to be quiet and reflect on the things in this life that really matter. Thank you for beautiful moments around your kitchen tables through the years. Thank you for your love and acceptance and joy that I FEEL when I’m with you–His LIFE in his corporate body (If I knew the Greek or Latin for that I would use it because I’m sure it because English words are so inadequate) among us two or three, even, the Holy Spirit as the breath of life among so many members, but so personal in time and space among just two or three. I feel your love in your poems. Love, Pam

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