Live well

November 29, 2009

Love, a narrow road
Few people choose to take it
Those who do find joy
Forgiveness is a mountain
Disciplined thinking will help
Overcoming distractions
Rooted in the pain
The fruit of unforgiveness
Is poisonous and deadly
It robs the soul of joy
There is no relief
I have found a way
To look at myself with love
If I can forgive myself
I can forgive you
© Terry S. Smith
November 22, 2009

love always receives

November 21, 2009

It is easy to see others
Their failures and bad deeds
For one to look at oneself
Takes courage and truth
When I see myself
I must lay all the stones down
For I too have failed
Until you see all sides
A decision is foolish
An un-reconciled life hurts
The children suffer
Love always receives
No matter what the offense
And gives forgiveness
If you’ve not received this love
You are not able to give
Examine yourself today
Receive love’s great gift
© Terry S. Smith
November 8, 2008

good choices

November 18, 2009

I am responsible
For the way I choose to live
I will blame no one
No quick fixes work
Thought, honesty and knowledge
Lead to good choices
It is exciting
To know there is hope for me
I do believe that
I will be gentle
A decision I have made
With the ones I meet
© Terry S. Smith
written November 18, 2009
Dedicated to my sister Carol, on her birthday.

a tribute to my wife

November 16, 2009

She is a balanced woman
She laughs and sings when alone
She takes delight in people
She is my beloved
I love to hear her singing
She plays the dulcimer well
Her poetry tells a tale
Of the years gone by
Her smile captures me
Her forgiveness renews us
Her joy is larger than me
She knows who she is
She is not without her faults
But she has learned how to think
Not take too seriously
Herself or others
© Terry S. Smith
written November 16, 2009

give up control

November 10, 2009

Courage is what I seek
To act in a timely way
I will face my fears today
I rise and confront
The living lies that rob me
Of the great joy of living
My beliefs are hidden deep
That arise when I am stressed
They will steal my peace of mind
If I let them rule
I will learn to play
To laugh and sing a new song
And give up control
The most difficult process
Hidden in the human heart
To see myself as I am
Takes courage and love
© Terry S. Smith
written November 10, 2009

Would you be willing?

November 4, 2009

Would you be willing
To begin again each day
And see through new eyes
Would you be willing
To listen to the people
Who say you hurt them
Would you be willing
To ask them to forgive you
For whatever is your part
Not to be defensive
To let them know you accept
Your responsibility
Would you be willing
To declare your intentions
And admit your faults
Would you be willing
To choose to be kind
Even when you’re hurt
Would you be willing
To not judge motivation
And forgive freely
Would you be willing
To accept amazing love
To know that you are forgiven
And cherished by One
Who knows all of your story
And delights in your presence
© Terry S. Smith
written November 4, 2009