joy defines the soul

December 14, 2009

As wax melts before the fire
As smoke is blown by wind
As light exposes darkness
Joy defines the soul
I will give thought to my ways
I’ll pursue paths of freedom
How I think is important
I will think clearly
A heart of peace gives me life
My body becomes rested
I am ready to be kind
To those who’re in need
I’m in relationship
With myself and with others
Joy with skin on it
Maintaining the joy
Is a secret I have learned
It’s larger than death
It still takes my best thinking
When I arise each morning
I’m quiet and reflective
A simple practice
I always take space
To consider what is true
Then relax and celebrate
A much larger love
Big enough to face trouble
That’s in me and in you
I’m always learning
Seeking new information
How to live in joy
© Terry S. Smith
December 14, 2009

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