Be still

January 8, 2010

We all need a hiding place
To be quiet and be still
Where safety is all around
And you hear a song
The song is a song of hope
Of deliverance and peace
My soul leaps for joy
My heart overflows
A different beat
Rooted in the joy of love
That’s larger than life
Why can’t I hear it
The distractions are many
The voices are just too loud
I’ll learn to be still
I will train to listen well
I will choose the voice of truth
The snare comes in pleasing men
Giving others the power
Expecting them to give me
The life that I want
I’ll not live in deception
I’ll not live my parent’s way
They lost their relationship
And we all suffered
It’s never too late
To start all over again
You are forgiven
Terry S. Smith
January 7, 2010

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