A flourishing life

February 22, 2010

What is it you want
Give language to your desires
Plan accordingly
I have learned to dream
Bring discipline to my plan
Seek, listen, write and respond
I’ll pay attention
Choose your mentors well
Make them the best that you know
Then do what they do
I have learned to ask for help
Before I act, not after
Decide to do good
Back that goodness with knowledge
Aim at self-control
Perseverance is a must
Look with wonder at your world
Be kind to those you meet
In the presence of others
Give your utmost respect
It is sacred ground
After kindness give your love
If you will practice these things
You will discover real life
Relationships flourish
© Terry S. Smith
February 13, 2010
For my grandson Peter, on his fifth birthday.

One Response to “A flourishing life”

  1. Thank you my friend. Thank you for posting it Sara! 🙂

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