February 23, 2010

I’m given to gluttony
I wish it were not so true
It has affected my health
Food is for fuel
When you sit to dine
Note well what is before you
Is it what you need
Don’t wear yourself out searching
To get rich with this earth’s goods
They fly off like the eagle
False security
I’ll seek instruction
Looking for words of knowledge
About how to live
The truth sets you free
Wisdom and understanding 
Come with discipline
Precious in the sight of God
Is the death of His dear ones*
I want to be your servant
Precious in your eyes
You have freed me from my chains
From pride, lust, greed, and despair
Your love embraced me in these
I am filled with joy
I’m thankful today
To be alive and aware
Of who gives me life
The Lord is with me
I will never be afraid
Of what man can do to me
My God is loving
I found him running to me
In quiet I can see him
© Terry S. Smith
February 23, 2010
*based on Psalm 116:5

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