March 3, 2010

Those I loved were gone
I sat in the darkest night
Afraid, not able to speak
Alone and helpless
At the darkest time
No hope on the horizon
Light broke in the dawn
To live was my decision
There was fire in my being
Mysterious energy
Coming from within
My search became real
The path began to open
The pain was universal
Everyone’s lot
All around there were others
Searching to find what was real
It is easy to escape
And medicate all the pain
That is what my parents did
And gave it to me
Was I to repeat
And give this to my children
I decided, “No!”
I found a community
Of people wanting to know
Seeking knowledge and insights
How to be human
Searching is the key
Being honest and fearless
Not afraid to ask questions
Even about death
We’re at different places
But at one in our seeking
© Terry S. Smith
March 3, 2010

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