Rich Relationships

April 5, 2010


My relationships are rich

Because I listen today

To one who loves me deeply

Friendship born in tears


I have just one voice

That captures all of my thoughts

I hesitate to name him

Misconceptions blind


My feelings deny

The reality of love

I will use my mind


I have a good friend

I know his story the best

His teachings have saved my life

I awake hungry

To listen to his kind voice

On Jesus’ words I reflect


I know this takes faith

I put my mind in gear

Examine his story well

I choose to trust him


Who are the happy

They are the powerless ones

Who admit they’re wrong

They begin to grieve losses

And discover real comfort


I found out what matters most

I learned it from the teacher

Nothing is more important

Than human beings


Unquenchable fire

Ignited by a life well lived

He defeated death itself

Calls me to follow

To love God as He loves me

To see and love others well


I have had thousands of people share their story with me.  The ones that thrive emotionally are the ones who have a foundation of faith.

© Terry S. Smith

April 4, 2010

4 Responses to “Rich Relationships”

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  2. slpmartin said

    Terry another excellent uplifting poem of hope and faith…stories that help others navigate the turmoils of life.

  3. Amen,
    Once again you have put into just a few words exactly what I needed to hear, to get through the rest of my day. God Bless you …

  4. Terry said

    Thanks for your kind words. I heard a quote today from a significant mentor of mine. “Tears reach the throne of God before words.” Landon Saunders

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