Joy unspeakable

April 9, 2010

Joy unspeakable
A gift given to the world
I decided to receive
The treasure available
To everyone who lives
Each person is important
There are no exceptions to this
It’s the people who matter
It’s where love resides
The indwelling of the joy
Rooted in the mind of God
Demonstrated in the flesh
By one who’s like us
I’ve received this joy
There is a depth of friendship
I cannot describe
The vision I saw
As a young man who was hurt
“There is hope for the future
For all who will seek”
I became intentional
In my quest to know what’s real
© Terry S. Smith
April 8, 2010 
Dedicated to New England friends.

5 Responses to “Joy unspeakable”

  1. slpmartin said

    Terry I have always held that “reality” is tied to belief…what one believes is reality…no logical formula or discussion can change that…just a random thought…as always enjoyed what you have said.

  2. My cup runs over every time I come here. You are a dear man. Thank you.


    Terry, In faith we step out into this “Joy unspeakable” experience. Knowing the Spirit guiding us every moment of the day is a reality – it’s not just knowing God. It’s meeting Him face to face. Following the Spirit is a reality available to all.


    Terry, received your blog from Judy Rodman my vocal tutor. I have arrived from South Africa in faith and the movement of the Spirit. I find it truly amazing and not by chance that your calling is to council CEO’s and leaders of corporations to place God’s order into their business practices that is God first, then the family and then the business. After near destitute to a R5 million a month company applying the leading of the Spirit it has been an awesome experience which He wants me to share with others. Regards John

    • Terry Sanford Smith said


      Welcome to this country. Thanks for your comments and encouragement. What you said is one of the things that I have been involved in for several years and I am looking to do more as the doors open. My website is: Judy is a dear friend of ours. Charlotte, my wife, introduced her and John to me. We share a mutual gift from God in having Judy as a friend. Hope to meet you sometime.

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