Love demonstrated

April 22, 2010


I see the wounded

Many trapped by guilt and shame

My heart breaks for them


There are so many

Where can they go for comfort

Those who look will find


I want to be a light

Hold the candlestick of joy

High above circumstances

Look them in the eye

Remind them how great they are

Proclaim they are the beloved


The storm became a whisper

The waves lay still and quiet

The human heart was rested

With unfailing love


I was at “wits end”

I cried out in my distress

I was calmed by love


The mystery seen

The unseen becoming real

You need real knowledge


Love makes sense to me

Hatred will only destroy

Joy’s the fruit of love


Love seen in action

Is what I’ve been looking for

Demonstrated care


People are precious

To be treated with respect

With no strings attached


Reflections from Psalm 107 and Proverbs 22

© Terry S. Smith, April 22, 2010


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