Refreshing drink

May 21, 2010

Wisdom is a gift
It remains precious treasure
I will ask for it
Do right and be kind
Life and honor are the result
Basic truth of life
The tongue and the mouth
They both can bring much trouble
Or refresh the soul
The unseen is real
There’re streams of living water
Come to the fountain
A good listener
Can discern the false language
They will give thought to their ways
They will see the good
Value the person they meet
Offer the person safety
I can feel your compassion
My imagination sings
With the knowledge that I know
The dance of joy calls
I know steadfast love
A discovery I found
A process entered
From desperation
Searching for some real answers
That are relevant and true
I am well watered
In quiet meditation
I drink deeply of a love
What I know that I have found
Is a life well lived in joy
© Terry S. Smith
May 21, 2010
Written after meditating on Proverbs 21 and Psalms 101-103.

fountain of life

May 20, 2010

I have found a “spacious place”
Where I am delighted in
I can be still and ponder
The truth that gives life
It’s a simple thing
But it will require focus
A time to be still
The dawn’s secret joy
I discovered years ago
In the morning watch
I listen in stillness
Wait in anticipation
Knowing the presence of love
I’ve learned to practice
Prayer is not a “religious thing”
It is a fountain of life
It’s a communion of love
Between two who love
My soul has languished
Inside I’ve been desperate
I’ve wanted to know answers
I’ve looked with intent
I’ve found there is a place
To stand where there’s certain hope
Everyone needs to be heard
I have found this through the years
Your story is important
You are what matters
© Terry S. Smith
April 17, 2010

Written after meditating on Psalms 66-70 and Proverbs 14.  My daughter’s blog: A Spacious Place, inspires me. 


May 10, 2010

From the heart I say “Thank you”
Simple words but full of love
I will not take for granted 
Dear acts of kindness
A smile with understanding
A tear filled with compassion
A hug that’s pure and loving
Your gentle presence
Gratitude is the gift
I offer you from my heart
Thanksgiving that’s overflowing
For friendship and love
You are my refuge and strength
A presence that does not shift
© Terry S. Smith
May 10, 2010
These words were written after meditating on the thoughts of two Hebrew kings (David and Solomon).  Many acts of kindness and love are being shown because of the Nashville flood.

a place of peace

May 4, 2010

The rain keeps coming
My basement filled with water
Many things destroyed
I write from a place of peace
There is a storm raging outside
The one that is within is calm
A storm calmed by love
I’ve learned to be still
A training I’ve developed
In quiet, love speaks
Each person must stand alone
In their quest to find this peace
We can’t depend on others
For what we must do
Healthy connection
Comes when we honestly search
And face the dark side
The part of us we don’t like
Transform the dark with the light
Peace has many benefits
The spontaneous laughter
The ability to weep
Yes, feel your feelings
©Terry S. Smith
May 2, 2010
written during the Nashville flood

the unseen

May 1, 2010


Whose praise do I seek
Do I seek it from my friends
Important question
Answer this one for insight
Then you will know what moves you
There you will find the test
The crucible is for silver
The furnace is for gold
Praise, the test for man
The unseen is very real
It is just like memories
You can’t see them or touch them
I will build on the unseen
I’ll choose who I’ll trust
That’s a gift I received
I’m responsible
Education is the key
Real knowledge will set you free
In all dimensions
Educate me around death
Who is it that speaks to life
Philosophies run rampant
I want to know the truth
© Terry S. Smith
April 27, 2010