the unseen

May 1, 2010


Whose praise do I seek
Do I seek it from my friends
Important question
Answer this one for insight
Then you will know what moves you
There you will find the test
The crucible is for silver
The furnace is for gold
Praise, the test for man
The unseen is very real
It is just like memories
You can’t see them or touch them
I will build on the unseen
I’ll choose who I’ll trust
That’s a gift I received
I’m responsible
Education is the key
Real knowledge will set you free
In all dimensions
Educate me around death
Who is it that speaks to life
Philosophies run rampant
I want to know the truth
© Terry S. Smith
April 27, 2010

One Response to “the unseen”

  1. slpmartin said

    I wonder if “truth” is nothing more than “belief”…for no number of logical facts can change some truths…enjoyed your poem.

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