a place of peace

May 4, 2010

The rain keeps coming
My basement filled with water
Many things destroyed
I write from a place of peace
There is a storm raging outside
The one that is within is calm
A storm calmed by love
I’ve learned to be still
A training I’ve developed
In quiet, love speaks
Each person must stand alone
In their quest to find this peace
We can’t depend on others
For what we must do
Healthy connection
Comes when we honestly search
And face the dark side
The part of us we don’t like
Transform the dark with the light
Peace has many benefits
The spontaneous laughter
The ability to weep
Yes, feel your feelings
©Terry S. Smith
May 2, 2010
written during the Nashville flood

3 Responses to “a place of peace”

  1. slpmartin said

    Terry…another inspiration poem…although I would agree that only the individual can have final say on the inner peace…I think it’s good to have a guide to its location.

  2. Sad for the flooding. On top of the mountain and still the flooding…. But thankful for your peace and the peace that comes just reading your haikus today. Your sweet daughter keeps me satisfied by her mission.

  3. Sorry to hear about the flood waters out your way Terry. I can relate, as I lost a home on Black River, here in North Carolina due to the flooding after math of hurricane Floyd back in 99. One could say that I was “Floyd Destroyed” Yet, through it all God has flooded my understanding with revelation, and my heart with love and peace.
    God Bless you

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