May 10, 2010

From the heart I say “Thank you”
Simple words but full of love
I will not take for granted 
Dear acts of kindness
A smile with understanding
A tear filled with compassion
A hug that’s pure and loving
Your gentle presence
Gratitude is the gift
I offer you from my heart
Thanksgiving that’s overflowing
For friendship and love
You are my refuge and strength
A presence that does not shift
© Terry S. Smith
May 10, 2010
These words were written after meditating on the thoughts of two Hebrew kings (David and Solomon).  Many acts of kindness and love are being shown because of the Nashville flood.

3 Responses to “overflowing”

  1. slpmartin said

    Terry with all the news that focuses on what’s wrong..it is always wonderful to hear about ‘random acts of kindness’ without fanfare or flare…enjoyed your poem.

  2. I will be forwarding this as my thank you to all who have cared for the victims of this Nashville flood… thx, Terry, for the words to say!

  3. Yes Terry, very inspiring words, as usual, keep up the great work.GOD BLESS

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