fountain of life

May 20, 2010

I have found a “spacious place”
Where I am delighted in
I can be still and ponder
The truth that gives life
It’s a simple thing
But it will require focus
A time to be still
The dawn’s secret joy
I discovered years ago
In the morning watch
I listen in stillness
Wait in anticipation
Knowing the presence of love
I’ve learned to practice
Prayer is not a “religious thing”
It is a fountain of life
It’s a communion of love
Between two who love
My soul has languished
Inside I’ve been desperate
I’ve wanted to know answers
I’ve looked with intent
I’ve found there is a place
To stand where there’s certain hope
Everyone needs to be heard
I have found this through the years
Your story is important
You are what matters
© Terry S. Smith
April 17, 2010

Written after meditating on Psalms 66-70 and Proverbs 14.  My daughter’s blog: A Spacious Place, inspires me. 

One Response to “fountain of life”

  1. slpmartin said

    Really enjoyed reading this one Terry…the quite place where the mind and heart not only can learn, but have time to heal from the wounds of existence…well done.

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