Refreshing drink

May 21, 2010

Wisdom is a gift
It remains precious treasure
I will ask for it
Do right and be kind
Life and honor are the result
Basic truth of life
The tongue and the mouth
They both can bring much trouble
Or refresh the soul
The unseen is real
There’re streams of living water
Come to the fountain
A good listener
Can discern the false language
They will give thought to their ways
They will see the good
Value the person they meet
Offer the person safety
I can feel your compassion
My imagination sings
With the knowledge that I know
The dance of joy calls
I know steadfast love
A discovery I found
A process entered
From desperation
Searching for some real answers
That are relevant and true
I am well watered
In quiet meditation
I drink deeply of a love
What I know that I have found
Is a life well lived in joy
© Terry S. Smith
May 21, 2010
Written after meditating on Proverbs 21 and Psalms 101-103.

One Response to “Refreshing drink”

  1. slpmartin said

    Such a beautiful and thoughtful poem…I sometimes wonder if one can always “discern the false language”…I think that is why we have many of the problems around us…our inability to discern that false language…just a random thought brought about by your poem.

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