Souls refined

June 22, 2010

Life’s pain is like a furnace
The soul is refined by fire
Hope is born in the process
Joy is discovered
Those of us who know the pain
Who still live in it today
Can listen and understand
And offer new hope
© Terry S. Smith
Dedicated to A. Thomas

4 Responses to “Souls refined”

  1. slpmartin said

    And with true faith…the final pour is of pure gold…enjoyed your post.

  2. Elizabeth said

    i am listening…you never have to hurt again. redemption is yours. freedom is at your doorstep. joy is at your feet. it can consume you. free you…release you. weep no more….love is forever…eternal. rest…your dreams are at your hands. our God is good…happiness is for you..His good and faithful son

  3. Dimitra Savvidou said

    the Lord is the one who takes us out of the pain, help us to grief and accept and He gives us all hope strenghtening our faith. It is always through HIm.

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