A Gift

July 9, 2010

Brokenness – a gift
When you know you need help
Do not be afraid to ask
Accept the counsel
From those who have learned to live well
Examine the way they think
It’s never too late to seek
Renewal and hope will lead
You can begin now
There is a fresh way to see
Joy is on the horizon
The counsel will come
There is a clear voice calling
For everyone
The voice in the wilderness
Lift your head and behold love
Solitude draws me
Alone I listen to words
Of one who understands
I receive language
That express deepest feelings
Words of encouragement come
There is someone who delights
In being in your presence
Who longs for you to know love
“Seek and you will find”
Meditations written after reading
Psalms 32-36, Proverbs 7.
© Terry S. Smith
July 7, 2010

4 Responses to “A Gift”

  1. Sara said

    Happy Birthday to my dear Daddy. You are one who has “learned how to live well.” You are a precious treasure and I love you. Always, Sara

  2. Happy Birthday! Terry

  3. Jay Burkett said

    Happy Birthdy! Terry

    I enjoyed your poem today…a great thought “Brokenness-a gift”. I look forward to each new work. Love to all, God bless, Jay

  4. Cindy Putnam said

    I love this meditation! I have been so blessed to have received wise counsel over the years from dear friends who have walked long with our Father. There is such a sweet intimacy that accompanies confession and the request for help. It is only Satan who tries to send us into hiding; he delights in isolating us from one another.

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