Extravagant love

August 31, 2010


My voice is silenced

With this massive loss of Liz

I have no language


I need words of hope

I’m searching for the voices

That will speak the truth


Liz LaVelle’s life speaks!

She is God’s voice to us today

Her life rings out with passion!

Spontaneous joy!

Our hearts are grieved beyond words

Comfort those nearest and dear


One voice comes with Power

One voice speaks to death’s darkness

One voice with authority

“You will never die!”


Today we don’t grieve for Liz,

We grieve for us, our great loss

She lives, we’ll see her again

How do we go on now?


We draw near to You

You have sought us and found us

Broken and seeking


There is one who comes

I cannot explain this love

It’s bigger than death

The words of Jesus bring life

Breathe hope into my spirit


To Liz’s precious family:

You will see Liz face to face

Jesus keeps His promises

Let him comfort you


To Liz’s friends:

Let Liz’s life be remembered

Let her voice be heard by all

God is real…and He loves you!

His love is extreme


Christ lives in the human heart

Little children saw God’s face

As Liz loved, touched, and cherished

She saw the children

God’s gentleness calls

All of us to stop and think,

What really matters?


Liz knew what mattered

Her cup was full of His joy

Her life invites us

To arise and say, “thank you”

Love God, and one another


Liz’s word to all of us:

Do not weep for me

I cannot come to you now,

You can come to me

Let God’s Spirit comfort you

Draw near each day to His heart


Extravagant love

He always keeps His promise

Please accept this treasured gift

Then give it away

Joy comes in obeying Him

Love each other as God loves


Please see the children

The ones who’ve been abandoned

God is here to comfort you

Raise you up in love


Terry S. Smith

August 31, 2010


your journey

August 28, 2010

Who will define love
That is a question I raised
In seeking I found
Sixty-eight years of living 
Forty-nine years of seeking
Engaging my mind to know truth
Great discoveries
The journey is yours~
You get to decide the way
The path you will take
You will have to cut through lies
Seek wise counsel and listen
Test the things you are being taught
On the grid of love
The path I am on
Has led to surprising joy
Deep lasting friendships
A Jack Daniel’s truck
Advertising on the side
“What matters most is the stuff
That’s on the inside”
A great truth being abused
Gives relief but no healing
My friend has cancer
What are the choices he has
Another has lost his job
Another his child
Who can address these issues
Despair sits at the bottom
This is my calling
Helping with life obstacles
I sit in silence
Searching to give a response
Trying to bring the presence of love
© Terry S. Smith
August 13, 2010
Meditations written after reading Proverbs 13 and 1 Corinthians 13.

God’s heart

August 20, 2010

Seeking to find God
Leads to life and true meaning
Unfailing love and true joy
Why can’t you see it
What or who is holding you
From seeing his love for you
I know what matters
I know who can sustain life
I choose to trust him
I will not stop listening
To the teacher I’ve chosen
I will trust his thinking first
Before I’ll trust mine
I will live aware
Of the unseen love of God
That’s made visible
© Terry S. Smith
August 19, 2010 
Meditations after reading Proverbs 19, “My Utmost for His Highest”, Oswald Chambers.


Be still

August 2, 2010


Be still and know that God exists

He entered the world of pain

Became human, faced our shame

And said, “I forgive you.”


No sweeter words I have heard

Expressed with great compassion

There is One who understands

Who loves and forgives


He understands the deep pain

As the Father gave His Son

Was silent when they killed him

Sacrifice of love


He is closer than the blood

That is flowing through your veins

He is the air that you breathe

You’re held in His hands



When I cannot sleep

I will arise and weep with

A friend who will never leave

I know this by faith

It’s become certain and sure

His promise always restores


I will meditate

I’ll choose my focus today

I am worn out with groaning

My tears fill my bed

And I drench my couch with tears

My eyes grow weak with sorrow



The Lord hears my cry

He accepts my weak prayers

There is no language to speak

Unspeakable loss

I can only surrender

To the one who understands


Terry S. Smith

August 2, 2010

Meditations written after reading Psalm 1–8, Proverbs 2, and Romans 8.  Dedicated to the LaVelle Family.