Be still

August 2, 2010


Be still and know that God exists

He entered the world of pain

Became human, faced our shame

And said, “I forgive you.”


No sweeter words I have heard

Expressed with great compassion

There is One who understands

Who loves and forgives


He understands the deep pain

As the Father gave His Son

Was silent when they killed him

Sacrifice of love


He is closer than the blood

That is flowing through your veins

He is the air that you breathe

You’re held in His hands



When I cannot sleep

I will arise and weep with

A friend who will never leave

I know this by faith

It’s become certain and sure

His promise always restores


I will meditate

I’ll choose my focus today

I am worn out with groaning

My tears fill my bed

And I drench my couch with tears

My eyes grow weak with sorrow



The Lord hears my cry

He accepts my weak prayers

There is no language to speak

Unspeakable loss

I can only surrender

To the one who understands


Terry S. Smith

August 2, 2010

Meditations written after reading Psalm 1–8, Proverbs 2, and Romans 8.  Dedicated to the LaVelle Family.


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