my quest

September 6, 2010

A train wreck, then a crisis
Each day on television
Lives shattered, then a movie
That tells it again
We keep telling the story
Feed our minds with the same things
Doing the same things over
Hoping things will change
When will we stop and listen
Seek understanding and peace
From the One who can give it
Divine intervention
You say, I don’t believe it
Can life be different
The cycle keeps repeating 
There is nothing new
I beg to differ
As one who was handed death
Loneliness and despair
Abandoned by mother
A father who had no hope
A life traveling in darkness
I engaged my mind
Read ancient proverbs each day
Looked for those who were living
Studied history
I sought out understanding
From those who wanted to live
Poetry read in the Psalms
Of a king who failed in life
Murdered, stole, and filled with lust
Was restored to joy
You say it can’t be
It is not real, it’s a crutch
That’s the way you see
There may be information
Outside the box of your world
No one escapes pain
We all “get it in the neck”
I’ll choose how I will respond
A gift that we have
Otherwise I am a robot
I discovered I can think
I want to know who speaks
To the deepest hurt I have
That has been my quest so long
A longing fulfilled
Yes, there is real hope
Delightful inheritance
Bigger than the grave
A spirit world does exist
It will take your best thinking
To not react but inform
Be responsible
I experience true love
Not just in the spirit world
The Proverbs have fathered me
Psalms have mothered me
Strange combination
A secret that I have found
Two kings led with failure
Recovered with hope
Advice born out of real life
So very similar to mine
Psalms and Proverbs
Please meditate on these words
Each person chooses
The path that they are taking
It is the freedom we have
Darkness was turned into light
Help came flooding to my soul
I have found a “spacious place” 
In early morning
Even if it cost all you have
Get understanding for life
Embrace wisdom and find honor
Joy for the journey
© Terry S. Smith
September 4, 2010
Written after meditating on Psalm 16-20,

2 Responses to “my quest”

  1. Lis Jones said


    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months. It’s always encouraging, but this one…wow. You are so right!

    I’m grateful our paths crossed, all those years ago. My life has been changed forever because of your influence and the seeds that were planted then.

    Love you! And love to Charlotte too.


  2. Jay Burkett said

    Hey Terry,
    What another wonderful poetic adventure! You’re in the spirit, brother. Love for all, Jay

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