a place of peace

September 20, 2010


You will feel better

When you choose a cheerful heart

It’s good medicine


Circumstances will rob you

If you let them control you

Others make expectations

You must meet their needs


How absurd is this

To make you responsible

To meet all their needs


If you cover an offense

You promote genuine love

If the matter’s repeated

Separation comes


A person of knowledge

Will measure words carefully

Stay even tempered

Understanding will guide you 

A loving presence brings life


I will hold my tongue

Pay attention to others

Listen carefully

I am choosing to respond

To love when misunderstood


I will not react

This is the way of a fool

A way I have lived


There’s a place of peace

That passes understanding

That’s bigger than death


Christ has arisen

He offers each one his peace

Forgiveness and love


Do not be afraid

There is no reason for fear

You’re beloved by God


© Terry S. Smith

September 17, 2010

Meditations written after reading Proverbs 17 and John 15.

One Response to “a place of peace”

  1. weighty said

    gonna send this to my mom

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