Renew and Restore

September 24, 2010


Finding a clear path

To do what is right and just

Is the path I want


Get understanding

Make it your priority

Otherwise you’ll find yourself

Living in darkness

Not knowing which way to go

Filled with fear and judgment


Guard your mouth and tongue

You’ll avoid calamity

Be clear on what you focus

A secret to know

Whatever that focus is

Will only grow much larger   *       


Give thought to your ways

Your feelings can deceive you

Fear will rob your life

Bitterness is a cancer

That will spread through your body


Seek wisdom and clear insight

When desperate, come to God

One who loves without limit

Has power to rescue


Insight never comes

Before you choose who you’ll trust

You must use your mind

Decide who is trustworthy

Then have the courage to act


Anxiety kills

Is blinding and harmful

A doorway to death


“Do not be afraid”

Three hundred and sixty-five times

Spoken by your God

This is a voice of promise

That renews and restores life


© Terry S. Smith

September 21, 2010

 Meditations written after reading Proverbs 21; John 15; Colossians 3.  (* Inspired from the quote: “Whatever you focus upon, increases.”  Andy Andrews The Noticer p.13.)

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