Be still and listen

October 19, 2010


The Lord has made my way firm

He promised and he’s done it

I find joy every morning

No one can steal it


Growing up is hard

I know what it is to flounder

To not know my way

To want someone to hold me

To let me know I am loved


I lost my love ones

Ones who promised to be there

Human failure came


They were ill-equipped

To do what they promised

Then they were vulnerable

Guilty and shameful

They felt judged and condemned

No hope for recovery


A wave of sadness

Comes over me in dark times

My grief is overwhelming

Where can I find God

I feel broken and alone

I have no language to speak


I am looking for someone

Big enough to secure me

Someone able to love me

Just the way I am


Anxiety will hurt me

Keep me from seeing the truth

Create false reality

Put feelings in charge of me

Cause me to believe a lie


Be still and listen

You are larger than your pain

You are beloved and treasured

Focus and believe

Trust the One who gave his life

Rose from the dead and is near


No one person can fill me (you)

I found that it takes three

Father, Son, Holy Spirit

Who delight in me (you)


They understand and can feel

Give you what you are needing

Listen and respond in love

With great compassion


© Terry S. Smith

October 17, 2010

Meditation written after reading Psalm 37.

Dedicated to my new friends in Virginia.


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