October 25, 2010

In silence I consider
All the choices I’m given
It comes down to two
I will trust God or trust man
Today I have made the choice
“I will not die but live”
The Psalmist speaks to my mind
I know now what God has done
Loving kindness came
I considered and believed
Accepted his love in my shame
A faithful lover
Is the God of the morning
One who comes at noon
Who sits with me during the day
At night I lie down in peace
He knows the trouble
He chose to be one of us
He will not leave me
Gives me the invitation
To come to him as I am
I will enter and give thanks
With all of my heart and soul
I thank you for your kindness
Gentleness and love
Where can I go to find you
I’m confused and all alone
“You need not go anywhere
I’m here, just ask me”
I found him to be 
Close as the blood in my veins
A mystery found
A love I long to give
To all my children’s children
© Terry S. Smith
Written October 24, 2010
Meditations from Proverbs 24; Psalm 118; John 15.
Dedicated to my daughter Elizabeth on her birthday.

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