Entrance to my soul

November 27, 2010

Where can I find light
Your words become the doorway
Entrance to my soul
It gives me the understanding
Of how to live in your love
There is power in seeing
There is joy in the knowing
There is freedom in serving
The One who loves you
His promises will restore
Meditate on them daily
One is: “I’ll never leave you”
Friendship forever
Fresh thoughts come pouring
As I practice listening
And I am still with just one thing
Hungry to know Him
When afflictions come
I draw near seeking healing
The pain was worth it
I found my God was waiting
To restore and heal my soul
© Terry S. Smith
November 26, 2010
Reflections written after meditating on Psalm 119.

Thankful with all my heart

November 25, 2010


What I seek with all my heart

Is what will control my life

I will decide what that is

What matters most


Relationship wins

What do I hide in my heart

Be aware of this

Secrets will rule under stress

The light of life brings healing


I will hide your words

At the center of my life

They are words of love and hope

Demonstrated well

By one compassionate life

Full of grace and forgiveness


No one can compare

I’ll meditate on what’s true

It is hidden to be found

Only those wanting

To find out the real thing

Will recognize God’s presence


I’ll open my eyes

Look carefully at what’s true

Decide to follow


A simple life speaks

His words are my treasured gifts

They breathe life in me


I memorize them

They are written on my heart

Unleash imaginations

Reveal the real world

When I examine His life

My soul rises to the joy


His teaching practiced

Has given me wings of joy

Soaring over circumstance

Of daily drama

Given by generations

Handed down through the darkness


A fish out of water

A bird put under water

Will soon die quickly


Water for the fish

Open air is for the birds

God’s word is for man


When out of their element

All will have trouble breathing

And will surely die


I have learned the joy

When I practice His teaching

I am captured by His love

I’m close to His heart

He came to me in despair

His story delights my soul

I run in my heart

My body is breaking down

My life is renewed

Internally I seek Him

The morning brings me great joy


His guidelines are giving life

In trust I seek to obey

I discover mystery

When I act on truth


I experience my God

As my friend and companion

When I let his words run deep

Meditate and act


An intimate connection

Takes place in the human soul

When I accept forgiveness

From my Creator


I love His guidelines

They have taken the load off

Today I run after them

They’ve set my heart free

To live in a present joy

© Terry S. Smith

November 25, 2010


Reflections written after meditating on parts of Psalm 119.  To live in joy one must train on all three levels of personality – head, heart, and gut.

The body is a beautiful instrument of God, and we must practice the fundamental guidelines to discover the sound of joy that lives in the soul.

Because He loved me on the dark side of my soul, I am compelled by His love to seek to practice obeying and living in His presence each day.



November 22, 2010

Who is this God, my Father
He is mighty in power
No limit to His insight
His understanding
He heals the brokenhearted
And He binds up the wounded
He knows the number of stars
Each of them by name
Listening and gentleness
Understanding your story
Then focusing on God’s story
You’ll find peace and hope
Come out of the pit
Open my eyes to what’s true
The unfailing love of God
Will be my delight
It’s where I place my hope
Lead me to those who are seeking
Each person is free to decide
But He will sustain the humble
I have chosen to listen
Focus on true love
I need wisdom & insight
I seek it with all my heart
I’ll define myself
By the one who gives me life
Who demonstrated His love
© Terry S. Smith
October 30, 2010
Reflections written after mediating on Psalm 145-147.  “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”  Psalm 147:3

Shelter and Safety

November 19, 2010

I will dwell in Your shelter
I will rest in Your shadow
You are the Almighty
You are my refuge
In you I will trust
Cover me with Your feathers
Save me from the fowlers snare
Deadly pestilence
Your faithfulness is my shield
There’s no terror in the night
Do not be afraid
You are under His great care
The wicked will be punished
You’ll see with your eyes
That no harm will befall you
He will command His angels
Angels will lift you
They will hold you in their hands
Because you love Him
He’ll rescue and protect you
From all the trouble that comes
There is a promise
Given to you by your God
Will you believe him
He has delivered my life
I have tasted and seen it
He has given me honor
And a life that’s long
I love his teachings
They bring life to my being
My soul rests in him
Each morning I arise
I seek to engage his love
I draw near to him in faith
Waiting to hear him
I want to see You
I want to rest in the truth
I want to live free
I will give my life to You
It is You I will obey
Your love compels me 
I only want one thing
To be close to You
You are the giver of life
Who is able to give love
I will focus
On the one who gives me life
Reorient my thinking
My soul will be filled with light
And illuminate my way
I’ve no other love
That can compare with my God
He came in the flesh
Experienced my despair
And he invites me to come
In the morning You love me
In the night You give me rest
I have no fear of dying
The future’s certain
I will sing a song of joy
A lasting relationship
That gives insight and wisdom
To love and be loved
No one can compare
With the love I’ve come to know
A love that is for each one
A choice you can make
Be still and listen
Meditate and gain knowledge
I need perspective
I am tossed about with fear
Anxiety kills
There is one voice that calms me
The one who made the eye sees
The one who made the ear hears
He is able to calm you
His voice above all others
Is the one I choose
“My foot is slipping”
Your love, O Lord, supports me
When anxiety was great
You comforted me
I will obey your thinking
For I trust in your great love
© Terry S. Smith
November 19, 2010
Meditation written after reading Psalms 91-95, Proverbs 19, John 15, and Colossians 3.
Dedicated to my sister Carol, on her birthday.

The heart of God

November 8, 2010

I see the heart of God
His passion overwhelms me
His despair was a choice he made
His heart turned to wax
It melted away in him
He felt no one heard his cry
He was poured out like water
He was all alone
He had no strength left
He lay in the dust of death
He was thirsty and broken
He cried out for help
People stared at him
Dogs surrounded his body
The lions came to devour
He was overwhelmed
I will not forsake my God
He did not despise my shame
He has seen my suffering
Not hidden his face
He heard me crying out for help
I’ll honor him with my life
The poor will eat and find rest
And be satisfied
I’ll kneel before him
One who chose to be like me
Proclaim him to those unborn
To my grandchildren
And their children I will speak
Our God, forever is love
© Terry S. Smith
November 5, 2010
Written while sitting by the fire, early in the morning, choosing to meditate on Psalms 20-25.