The heart of God

November 8, 2010

I see the heart of God
His passion overwhelms me
His despair was a choice he made
His heart turned to wax
It melted away in him
He felt no one heard his cry
He was poured out like water
He was all alone
He had no strength left
He lay in the dust of death
He was thirsty and broken
He cried out for help
People stared at him
Dogs surrounded his body
The lions came to devour
He was overwhelmed
I will not forsake my God
He did not despise my shame
He has seen my suffering
Not hidden his face
He heard me crying out for help
I’ll honor him with my life
The poor will eat and find rest
And be satisfied
I’ll kneel before him
One who chose to be like me
Proclaim him to those unborn
To my grandchildren
And their children I will speak
Our God, forever is love
© Terry S. Smith
November 5, 2010
Written while sitting by the fire, early in the morning, choosing to meditate on Psalms 20-25.

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