Shelter and Safety

November 19, 2010

I will dwell in Your shelter
I will rest in Your shadow
You are the Almighty
You are my refuge
In you I will trust
Cover me with Your feathers
Save me from the fowlers snare
Deadly pestilence
Your faithfulness is my shield
There’s no terror in the night
Do not be afraid
You are under His great care
The wicked will be punished
You’ll see with your eyes
That no harm will befall you
He will command His angels
Angels will lift you
They will hold you in their hands
Because you love Him
He’ll rescue and protect you
From all the trouble that comes
There is a promise
Given to you by your God
Will you believe him
He has delivered my life
I have tasted and seen it
He has given me honor
And a life that’s long
I love his teachings
They bring life to my being
My soul rests in him
Each morning I arise
I seek to engage his love
I draw near to him in faith
Waiting to hear him
I want to see You
I want to rest in the truth
I want to live free
I will give my life to You
It is You I will obey
Your love compels me 
I only want one thing
To be close to You
You are the giver of life
Who is able to give love
I will focus
On the one who gives me life
Reorient my thinking
My soul will be filled with light
And illuminate my way
I’ve no other love
That can compare with my God
He came in the flesh
Experienced my despair
And he invites me to come
In the morning You love me
In the night You give me rest
I have no fear of dying
The future’s certain
I will sing a song of joy
A lasting relationship
That gives insight and wisdom
To love and be loved
No one can compare
With the love I’ve come to know
A love that is for each one
A choice you can make
Be still and listen
Meditate and gain knowledge
I need perspective
I am tossed about with fear
Anxiety kills
There is one voice that calms me
The one who made the eye sees
The one who made the ear hears
He is able to calm you
His voice above all others
Is the one I choose
“My foot is slipping”
Your love, O Lord, supports me
When anxiety was great
You comforted me
I will obey your thinking
For I trust in your great love
© Terry S. Smith
November 19, 2010
Meditation written after reading Psalms 91-95, Proverbs 19, John 15, and Colossians 3.
Dedicated to my sister Carol, on her birthday.

One Response to “Shelter and Safety”

  1. Jay Burkett said

    What a great perspective…”The one who made the eye sees”. Thanks, Jay

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