A Place of Peace

December 30, 2010


 My parents failed me
They did not know how to love
Their lives were broken 
Not able to trust people
They made decisions that hurt

I’m also flawed and broken
I’ve harmed others with actions
Unintentionally caused pain
Guilt imprisoned me
A love much higher found me
Forgave and renewed my soul

When I’m confronted
With the wrongs that I have done
I look through other’s eyes
I see my selfish ways
I could not bear to see it
If mercy was not with me

It became mine to search out
What was true and what was not
How to have relationships
With myself and others 

Two things I cherish
Wisdom and understanding
They are paths to peace
Patience is the fruit
For those who will learn to wait
From a place of peace
Seeing marvelous things
Learning the rhythm of time
I’ve learned to reverence life
I arise to meet the day
I found rest and contentment
Untouched by trouble
Then I gain knowledge
Of how to love another
To see the world through their eyes
Understand their world
To look with great compassion
Accept and forgive with love
© Terry S. Smith
December 25, 2010
Reflections written as I read through Proverbs 19 and John 15, (Jesus final words to his friends before he died).

I searched out a way to love.



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