The Pearl

January 3, 2011

I have a vision
I’m committed to a process
The path along the way
Is riddled with distractions
Awareness keeps me alert
If I focus on the outcome
I am sure to lose my way
I sharpen my vision
Train daily to love
A human is marvelous
Like a rough pearl has layers
These layers must be removed
Pealed off with great care
Underneath is the treasure
The secret that is hidden
With thought and concentration
Can be found in love
Look beyond the circumstance
You will find you can do it
It will take courage and faith
And your best thinking
Rising out of chaos
Each person can discover
There is hope larger than pain
Turn and listen
Seek and find this great treasure
The mystery of great joy
© Terry S. Smith
December 31, 2010
Happy New Year!
A word from God – “I will peal the layers back each day; you will shine and they will see me.”  Reflections after reading Proverbs and John 15.  Insight is available to those who seek it with all the heart.  Proverbs gives clues.

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