January 10, 2011

I will not let fear rob me
Of the joy of God’s presence
Because He is faithful
He will not abandon me
Be still and listen
Go, spend time alone with God
He will come and teach
He meets you with compassion
Will give you the gift of faith
I cried in desperation
Looking for a place of peace
I found Him waiting
It’s a mystery
I proclaim with all my heart
A love that has endured
For all generations
The revelation of truth
He knows you by name
It is written on His hands
Just look at His son
He understands where you are
“Do not be afraid” – Believe
© Terry S. Smith
January 5, 2011
Morning reflections after practicing the mystery of His presence and meditating on Psalm 16. 

One Response to “Faithful”

  1. This beautifully crafted poem you’ve written, Terry, reminds me of a precious truth I’ve come to believe: I don’t have to create faith in myself. My job is to, as this poem suggests, “be still and listen”. God creates faith in me… a gift of faith indeed. And when I can’t believe, I can pray “help me in my unbelief”… and help comes. Thank you for this collection of poems, which help me center all things on the ‘main thing’.

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